All About Epic Magic Camp

Epic Magic Camp is the ONLY full-day, week-long Magic Camp in all of Orange County.  Your child will be engaged every minute of every day.  For example, we have stunning magic, crazy games, amazing life skills & tons of surprises.  You’ll be saying “How did you do that?” and “Do that again!”.

 Extraordinary fun that makes great kids appear!

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What makes Epic Magic Camp so FUN and EPIC?

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Learn Professional Magic Tricks from the Experts.
Epic Deluxe Magic Kits & Access to our Video Vault.
Make friends. Learn Spectacular Social Skills.
Team-Building Games
2 Full-Length Magic Shows
Graduation Celebration & EPIC Foam Party

Hurry, there are only a few spots left for our Newport/Mesa camp starting on 12 June!

Become a Sponsor (Champion)

100% of all contributions provided by our Champions go towards funding the Epic Magic Camp Scholarship Program.

Without Champion’s like you, our campers wouldn’t be able to experience all the amazing things EPIC Magic Camp has to offer. They’ll take home incredible life-skills, learn magic and create memories that last a lifetime. Truly a life-changing experience!


Epic Scholarship Program

We understand that not every family can afford to send their children to camp. The reasons and situations are all very different. But the desire for all children to have an incredible camp experience is the same.

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Our Mission:

Memories that will last a lifetime

We are designed for kids who want to have EPIC FUN while at the same time, make friends, grow in confidence, and have something exciting to look forward to every day. The variety of techniques we provide are the driving force in building character, self-esteem, communication skills, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere that lets kids be kids. From our carefully chosen counselors to the wild activities, we strive to elevate the summer camp experience to a whole new level.

Our Story

Epic Magic Camp was founded by Professional Magicians John Abrams and David Groh, two of the country’s top family entertainers.  After a combined 58 years of experience, they decided it was time to pass the torch.  They quickly discovered that they share the same philosophies & the same work ethic.  Heck, they even shared the same birthday!  And, coincidentally, both had received two of The Golden Wand of Excellence Awards from the world-renowned Discover Magic program.  Because of this, it was time to create EPIC Magic Camp!

Our Fearless Leaders

Epic Magic Camp Hall of Fame

The Epic Magic Camp Hall of Fame honors those who made Epic Magic Camp Southern California’s #1 Magic Camp.  

Without these individuals, Epic Magic Camp would not exist.

Epic Magic Camp Guest Magicians

Each year Epic Magic Camp hosts some of the finest Magicians in America to perform at our camp.  

Click below to find out just a few of the amazing performers that we’ve had in past years.


Everything Epic is the monthly newsletter filled with puzzles, word searches & DIY magic tricks, as well as updates to our upcoming magic camps. Your kids are going to love it.

In fact, shortly after you subscribe, you’ll receive 3 magic tricks that your child can do right away.

Always fun, always free.

Learn Professional Magic from the Experts

This is not your typical “Uncle Morty pulls a quarter out of your ear” type of magic.  Each day your camper will learn proven and entertaining Jaw-Dropping Magic tricks he or she can share right away with friends and family.  Very empowering for any child.

Epic Magic Kits

The instructors and counselors at EPIC Magic Camp are the only So Cal entertainers trained and licensed to present the World-Renowned Discover Magic Curriculum in SD & Orange County.  Each professional magic trick is finely crafted and customized to fit smaller hands

  • Each camper will receive 8 EPIC magic tricks (with expert instruction).
  • Each camper will receive 8 high-quality Fun Folders filled with jokes, puzzles and even more magic.
  • Each camper will learn “The 8 Traits of a True Magician” – Skills for Life!
  • Each camper will receive their own personal key card giving them LIFETIME ACCESS to the Discover Magic Video Vault (“How-to”s and so much more)
  • At the end of each course, your child will receive his or her very own Graduation Magic Wand and Certificate.


All EPIC campers take home something they can be proud of.

Make friends, Learn Spectacular Social Skills.

Most camps have activities and then, as an afterthought, tell you that their camp also develops social skills.   What if there was a camp that FOCUSES on these skills, not as an afterthought, but as an epic Experience?  That’s exactly what EPIC does.

Team-Building Games

Team-building games and activities are a fun way to help kids learn to work together, listen carefully, communicate clearly, and think creatively. They promote teamwork and camaraderie.  Kids get the chance to get to know each other, build trust as a community and, best of all, have fun!

2 Full-Length Magic Shows

One of the advantages of having two of California’s Top Entertainers on staff is…. THEY KNOW EVERY ENTERTAINER ON THE PLANET!  Each camp, two of the Best Magicians in the country will be performing their signature show.

Who knows, maybe they’ll reveal a few of their secrets!

Graduation Celebration & Epic Foam Party

Did I not mention that this camp is EPIC?!?  After 4 fun-filled days, your children deserve a Grand Finale.  And what happens on this final day?  There’s a pizza party, a student magic show, the Graduation Celebration and, to top it all off, yes…. A HUGE FOAM PARTY.

(Children are encouraged to bring swimsuits and towels. Foam party dependent on weather conditions)