Congratulations on Enrolling your Child in Epic Magic Camp!

(Please read this entire page.  Even bookmark it if you like.  It has lots of ideas to help your child succeed)

1)  You can reach out to us at any time with any questions you may have during camp or afterwards.  We can be reached at 833-YAY-KIDS or 833-929-5437 or by email at  Keep this information for your use only.  Please do not share it with your camper to contact us directly.
2)  After every class your child should practice the tricks they learned that day.  Please help them by encouraging them and serving as a volunteer.
3)  Presentation is important… as important or maybe even more important than the technique itself.  When you serve as a volunteer, make sure your child includes the script (they can ad lib if they like) and doesn’t just run through the mechanics of the trick.  Every trick they learn (about 15 or so over the course) is significantly stronger with a well-rehearsed story or script.  Don’t let them skimp on the story.


In the first class your child will receive a bag or box to keep their materials in. Your child should bring the bag/box with all the materials each day.  Every day of camp they will receive materials for one or two TRICKS and one or two FILE FOLDERS (depending on the curriculum of the day)

The tricks provided include detailed instructions on how to perform the magic along with a script.  The file folders include additional tricks, but without a detailed script.  This gives the students a chance to be creative.  Also, in the file folder, is that day’s CHARACTER TRAIT OF A TRUE MAGICIAN (Respectful, Prepared, Enthusiastic, Confident, Humble, Creative, Authentic, and Giving).

Please encourage your student to keep up with and take care of their materials.  All materials come from the Discover Magic fulfillment center and we are unable to order individual parts or pieces.  Occasionally we may be able to replace an item, for a fee, if it is available at that time.

Key Card

Your child will also receive a KEY CARD.  The Key Card is EXTREMELY important and valuable.  It is used to set up your child’s account and log into the Discover Magic Video Vault! ( Please help your child log-in and set up his/her account.
Each day of camp, your camper will receive a “Secret Word” from each folder that will unlock videos for the corresponding tricks, character traits and bonus video content.  These “Secret Words” will be written in the folders by the student or, in some cases, they are printed already.
Little girl with camera


We will be taking photos to share on social media and our website that show how engaging the classes are and how much fun the campers have.  Camper names WILL NOT be posted.  Should you prefer not to have photos/videos of your child posted, please let us know.

On the final day of class we will have a show and graduation ceremony. Please take pictures/video. Feel free to invite friends and family.