Adopt a Dragon

This is a really fun effect and uses as many volunteers as you like.  Have your Mom or Dad help you out.  It’s a guaranteed fooler!  Best for ages 7 and up.

Please print out the picture of our Dragon below.  It’s perfect for the trick.

Effect:  Five volunteers are chosen.  The magician leaves the room.  One volunteer pretends to “adopt” the Dragon.  The magician re-enters the room.  Through his/her super-sleuthing powers, the magician accurately identifies the person that adopted the Dragon.

Secret:  The Magician has a stooge (one of the volunteers) sit or stand exactly like the person that chose the dragon.

Presentation:  The magician shows the picture of the dragon and says “This is my friend Dazzle the Magical dragon.  He needs a place to live.  A person to live with (pick volunteers).  Each of you look like you could use a magical dragon in your life.  Please stand over there (have them stand away from the crowd)”.

“I’m going to leave the room.  When I do, I’d like just one of you to pick up the dragon picture, rub it on the top of your head, then put it back exactly where you found it.  Everybody understand?  Ready?  Here we go. (Magician leaves the room)

One volunteer takes the picture, rubs on head, and returns it.  The magician re-enters the room.

Magician says “When I was out the room, one of you picked up the Dragon, rubbed it on your head, and returned it in that exact spot.  The question is, Who’s the Dragon lover?  Hmmm…”

Go through your volunteers one at a time (including the stooge – this is very important) saying things like “You look like you’d love unicorns.  So it’s not you…” and “You look like the type of person that would want a Mermaid.  So it’s not you…” or “You look like you’d like a garden Gnome.  So it’s not you…”.  Then, when the magician gets to the last person (the one that chose the Dragon) he/she says “You’re the one!  You chose the Dragon!” (Thunderous audience applause).

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